DPR rides again!

Readers may remember my robot, DPR, from posts last year. I've gotten a bit of spare time, and I've started working on him again.

Last year, he used his proximity sensors to chase my feet. This year, I got him a camera.

New year, new robot-chasing-something video. Currently, he's terribly amused by an orange street-hockey ball I picked up at Albertson's.

DPR loves the ball. MPEG4, 746K

(That's a power cord you see hanging off DPR; the control is completely on-board.)

I'm still working on the camera interface code, trying to teach him some new tricks.

A glitch in the code yesterday caused him to lose interest in the ball, and start watching black objects...guess what the only moving black object in the room was?

The cat is surprisingly tolerant of having a small, noisy robot staring at her. She eventually decided to lick the top of the robot and slink off.