Iiiiiit's Stupid-Time!

I woke up this morning to find all my clocks arguing.

The smarter clocks had advanced an hour; the older clocks hadn't changed. And, I admit, some of them had been wrong for weeks.

This was my first indication that the government-mandated consensual temporal hallucination had kicked in. Yes, it seems Daylight Savings Time has started.

DST still doesn't make any sense at all to me. Arizona has ludicrous quantities of daylight, with the sun rising at or before 5 in the summer, so I've always been of the school that says "If you want more daylight, get the hell out of bed earlier."

But no, in this state we "get more daylight" by agreeing to lie about what time it is.

I know this is wrong. Time as I use it is relative to a cesium standard set up by NIST, or at least to one's distance from UTC.

I also understand that this doesn't get you "more daylight," in that the earth's tilt does not change. This, of course, tells us that stupid has no mass (unlike neutrinos); if it did, the massive shift in stupid in the northern hemisphere today might have actually altered the seasons.

So, what's the net effect of Daylight Savings Time?
1. It is darker between about "5" and "6" AM.
2. It is lighter between about "6" and "7" PM.

(There's an old saying about extending your blanket by cutting off one end and sewing it on the other.)

I really don't see the practical benefit of this. Do the stores I want to visit stay open later now? No, now they just close before sunset.


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